L-pyroglutamic acid

L-pyroglutamic acid

Short Description:

Product Name: L-pyroglutamic acid

CAS No.98-79-3

Molecular formula: C5H7NO3

Molecular weight: 129.11

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Specific Rotation Condition − 27.50 (20.00°C c=10,1 N NaOH)
Specific Rotation − 27.50
Water 0.5% Max. (K.F.)
Color White
Melting Point 152.0°C to 162.0°C
Assay Percent Range 98%
Beilstein 22,284
Solubility Information Solubility in water: 100-150g/l (20°). Other solubilities: soluble in alcohol and acetone
Formula Weight 129.12
Physical Form Crystalline Powder
Percent Purity 98%
Chemical Name or Material L-pyroglutamic acid

Appearance: white powder

Uses: Its sodium salt can be used as a moisturizer in cosmetics. Its moisturizing effect is better than glycerin and sorbitol. It is non-toxic and non irritating. It can be used in skin care and hair care cosmetics. It can inhibit tyrosine oxidase, prevent the deposition of melanoid, and whiten the skin. It can soften the keratin, and can be used in nail cosmetics. It can also be used as a surfactant, detergent, chemical reagent, For resolution of racemic amines; organic intermediates.

Package: 25kg / barrel/ bag

Toxicity and safety

Oral LD50 > 1000mg / kg in rats

Storage and transportation

Store in dry and ventilated warehouse, fireproof, moisture-proof, sun and rain proof, sealed. Do not mix with acid and alkali during storage and transportation, and do not contact with oxidizing and corrosive substances.

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