L-Ornithine Acetate

L-Ornithine Acetate

Short Description:

Product Name: L-Ornithine Acetate

CAS No: 60259-81-6

Molecular FormulaC7H16N2O4

Molecular Weight192.21


Product Detail

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Appearance: White powder
Assay: 99% min,
Product Quality meets: Company standard, single impurity ≤0.5%
Stock status: Usually keep100-200KGs in stock.
Application: Antibacterial, suitable for bacterial and mycoplasma infection.
Package: 25kg / barrel

Physicochemical properties

Boiling point: 308.7 ° C at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 140.5 ° C
Vapor pressure: 0.00015mmhg at 25 ° C





Molecular Formula:C7H16N2O4

Molecular Weight:192.21

EINECS: 262-130-6

Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: white crystal or crystalline powder

Flash point 140.5 º C

Boiling point 308.7 º C at 760 mmHg


  1. mainly used for antibacterial, suitable for bacterial and mycoplasma infection.
  2. Nutritional supplements for liver cirrhosis.


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