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Product Name: H-D-Val-OMe·HCl

CAS No:7146-15-8

Molecular FormulaC6H14ClNO2

Molecular Weight 167.63


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Assay Percent Range 99%
Linear Formula (CH3)2CHCH(NH2)COOCH3·HCl
Infrared Spectrum Authentic
Formula Weight 167.63
Specific Rotation -13.5° to -17.5° (20°C, 589nm) (c=2, H2O)
Physical Form Powder
Percent Purity ≥98.5%
Color White
Chemical Name or Material D-Valine methyleester hydrochloride

Appearance: White to off-white powder
Purity: 99%min
Product Quality meets: Our company standards.
Stock status: Usually keep 300-400KGs in stock.
Application: it is widely used in food additives, pharmaceutical intermediate.
Package: 25kg / barrel

Numbering system

CAS No.: 7146-15-8
MDL No.: mfcd00237309
EINECS No.: 230-454-7
BRN No.: 3912091
PubChem No.: 24890040 [1]

Physical property data

Melting point (OC): 170
Refractive index: - 15
Specific rotation (o): - 15

Ecological data

Generally, it is not harmful to water. Do not discharge materials into the surrounding environment without government permission.

Properties and stability
If used and stored according to specifications, it will not decompose.

Storage method
Sealed at 2-8 ℃ in a cool and dry place. [1]

security information
Safety sign: s22s24 / 25

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